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Now available for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

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    Our goals

    We provide the world’s best deals and offers from your local businesses while enabling local organizations to raise funds to support their mission.

    Businesses have a free way to advertise, consumers get access to great deals across the nation straight from their mobile phone and your local organizations get the support they need!

    How it works

    Local organizations contact us to start a fundraising project and we provide all the tools for them to easily reach out to their network. Consumers sign up for an annual subscription to our national deal network which has deals in all 50 states and can be accessed easily from our mobile apps. Businesses can subscribe to our service for free, create great deals and see real results in real time.

    Our model is community driven. We want everyone to benefit from myDealCompass - businesses, customers and local organizations.

    Sounds like a big idea? It is!

    Deal seekers get your myDealCompass deal map! Sign up for free and have great deals from local businesses at your fingertips on your phone or your computer.

    Businesses get on the map! Sign up and offer deals with no up-front cost and no hassle.

    If you are wanting to do your own fundraiser and leverage the Dealcompass tools and deal network, just get in touch!