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Now available for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

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    Our goals

    Our goal is to provide businesses and consumers with an unbeatable coupon service.

    We want to build a community of users that WORKS! No gimmicks, no hidden agendas, no frills ... just DEALS!

    How it works

    Businesses subscribe to our service at a low monthly rate and see real results in real time. Consumers get a fun, interactive, location-based coupon service that's easy to use.

    Our model is community driven. We want everyone to benefit from myDealCompass - businesses and customers. Our rates make it possible for ANY size business to use our service, and customers can frequent their favorite local shops and get great deals.

    Sounds like a big idea? It is!

    Businesses get on the map! Sign up at a great introductory rate and offer deals with no up-front cost and no hassle.

    Deal seekers get your myDealCompass deal map! Sign up for free and have great deals from local businesses at your fingertips on your phone or your computer.