How To Save Money On Digital Coupons

Some people call them “daily deals.” They’re really digital coupons. Here’s how they work.

You, the small business owner, create a deal. It can be anything, but the idea is to get people into your store to buy stuff. Just like in the old days when you ran a newspaper ad and included a coupon for 10% off a strawberry sundae on any day except Sunday. You can create deals just like that online.

Unfortunately, some of the more popular coupon sites charge you an arm and a leg and it ends up costing you money to make a new customer.

Instead of forcing you to offer a 50% deal and then taking a part of that from you, myDealCompass just charges a flat monthly fee. You can offer as many deals as you want and make changes to your deals any time you want. Make the deal you want, not the deal we want.

Digital coupons work great for local markets. If you live in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area you can check out some of the digital deals on offer in that area.

We’re adding new deals daily. If you live anywhere in the U.S., you can add your own local deals. Spread the word to your customers. Increase your business the old-fashioned way — with coupons.


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