Let’s Make A Deal – Online

Remember the old television game show “Let’s Make A Deal?” It was hosted by the ever popular Monty Hall, who was known for his personality and ability to get his contestants to open up. The show itself was popular because its format was simple yet contestants had the chance to win incredible prizes. And the games were fun whether they won or lost.

In essence, the show was based on the timeless concept of making deals. “Traders” as the show’s contestants were called were expected to make a decision on whether or not to trade an item for a hidden item – either a “zonk,” a worthless prize, or a valuable prize. If the trader made the right choice, they won. If not, they got the zonk. It was fun to watch with the family after dinner while chomping on buttered popcorn. Or even without the popcorn.

myDealCompass is nothing like “Let’s Make A Deal.” There are no door prizes. You aren’t asked to trade anything of greater or lesser value. And you don’t play games.

However, you do have the opportunity of making a deal that you’ll be very excited about. If you are a consumer, you can make a deal with a business in your local area. If you are the business, you offer a deal that consumers in your area can’t refuse. Simplicity at its best.

Couponing has been a popular way for merchants to make deals with consumers for more than a hundred years. It’s a good way to grow a business. Offer a deal and make it attractive. Consumers who can’t pass up a good deal will take you up on your offer. It works just as well online as it has off line since the 19th century.

Are you ready to make your first deal?

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